Over 1,500 people took part in the Detroit Riverfront 5K Run! Thousands of dollars were donated for bullied kids and military veterans. 


Together, we'll arise to get fit and rescue bullied kids from SUICIDE! 


Stephen Bryan Hooper II


There are 338,000 Personal Trainers in the U.S.

However, over 50 percent aren't certified! 


Your trust and life are on the line.


Together, we'll arise to get fit and rescue bullied kids from SUICIDE!


The StephenHooper Company is a proud sponsor of these programs!


Foundation provides free tickets for bullied children, cancer survivors and veterans, so they can enjoy a stress-free night with their families.


Program provides a platform for parents, teachers and spectators to report incidents of bullying to protect children from suicide. 



On behalf of The StephenHooper



We wish you well for the endless (HOPEFULLY) summer!

I thank you for viewing this website! Be safe and stay warm!

This wouldn't be possible without you; it's a privilege to serve!                     


Stephen Bryan Hooper II




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