StephenHooper, Co., is a premium personal training company owned by Stephen Hooper II; for philanthropy and charity, this company rescues bullied children via sending them to Detroit Pistons games, activities and events that will be conducive to their health and development.


Life is worth living and suicide is NEVER an option. Stephen Hooper II's crusade against childhood bullying is personal, because he almost committed suicide as a child himself.



Listen to these soundtracks while visiting. Also, check below to click on link to FREE SOUNDCLOUD!


Random Health Tip:

Squatting IS good for your knees😊


We've contributed to the cause, though our clothes were riddled with mud!

Together, we'll arise to get fit and rescue bullied children! 


We can also fight for those negatively affected by cancer by simply walking with a smile at these events around Michigan.


RunMichigan helps us to find events where we can walk or run in to which some are FREE!

There are other events you can participate in and the best part is....these events benefit children!