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Terms & Trademarks

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StephenHooper, Co., operates the Website to offer a hotel-like service for people wanting to live longer for their friends and family.


StephenHooper, Co., may give you the Company's Health Par-Q questionnaire to complete as it's imperative to serve you in the best way possible, although client data has already been submitted and will not be subjected to hackers, but protected by the Company. 


Again, information provided by you to StephenHooper, Co., will not be publicized on social media outlets; data will be confidential to your benefit.


No initial fees! In fact, there's a chance that you'll receive a free session or even a free week's worth of appointments, depending on availability.



The logo of StephenHooper, Co., and alongside its other possible affiliates and/or representations will remain in perpetuity until the Owner/President of the Company involved with the creation and use of trademark/s and/or copyright/s changes course. The trademarks and/or copyright/s involved will be strictly enforced if others will seek to replicate its use without contacting StephenHooper, Co., and will be at risk of violating the law and will be subject to legal action. Whenever used in this Agreement, the term “Content” shall mean any and all articles, databases, software, books, magazines, photographs, images, graphics, illustrations, audio, video, and/or any other content that is offered to you by or through the Site. Content available through the Site originates from and a possible variety of third party providers. and StephenHooper, Co., is either the owner or an authorized licensee of such Content made available to you through the Site. In order to protect and preserve StephenHooper, Co., and its copyrights and trademarks and other intellectual property rights in their respective Content, you agree to the following with respect to any specific item of Content that you license or purchase through the Site:

1. You will abide by all copyright notices and copyright directives relating to or provided with the Content.

2. You will not, directly or indirectly, reproduce, copy, transmit, distribute,

display, publish or print any Content in any form or medium, (ii) sell, loan or license any Content.

3. You will not, in whole or in part, modify, adapt, transform, translate or create any derivative work based on the Content in a manner that would infringe any person’s copyright or other proprietary rights therein.

4. You will not remove any copyright notice from the Content.